Chris Earl - Ground hand/Underground Crew
Chris is hands on when it comes to building Hunter's fiber network as a groundhand. This rugged soul is ready for any adventure both on and off the field. He's also quite the whiskey connoisseur with what he would call a refined pallet for the grains.

Jim Lamp Jr. - Chief Construction Officer
As the chief construction officer, Jim has been responsible for the construction strategy and development of Hunter for the past 15 years. Knowing the motivated and resilient person that he is, you wouldn't be surprised to learn he is an avid obstacle racer. And can you believe Jim has never seen a Disney movie? He's missing out on a whole new world.

Cory Miller - Splicing Trainee/Ground hand
Cory is responsible for splicing, installing, repairing, and maintaining the lifeblood of Hunter - fiber optic wires. The man who isn't afraid of heights shows no fear in face of tiny, delicate, really expensive glass fiber wires...steady....steaaaddyy....

Steve Parsons - Aerial Lead/Lineman
Climb 30 feet, repair some damaged yet dangerous fiber optic lines all while avoiding the enjoyment of electrical shock. Sound fun? Probably not, but this dare devil knows no bounds when it comes to fear and heights. So it comes to no surprise that Steve is our lineman and aerial lead, bringing a surge of energy to our team.

Tanner Hillyer - Underground Lead
Being an underground foreman is no cake walk - the only cake to walk to in this role is one decorated with sweat, dirt, and pain. Luckily, Tanner has a sweet tooth for solving problems and working efficiently under the pressure of building one of the best fiber optic networks around that's in constant demand.

Anthony Erwin - Field Engineer
Engineers get paid to play in the field? If by play you mean applying extensive expertise to solving the toughest engineering enigmas while maintaining a hearty fiber optic network, then you got yourself a deal. This field engineer and locater has a sturdy grasp on the skill and blank wit to excel while never forgetting to enjoy life.

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