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As an IT Manager I deal with several outside vendors on a day-to-day basis. I have never received such high quality customer service and quick turnaround times for different projects that I have received from Hunter Communications. I only need one phone number to my account rep who will either show up at my door or call me and tell me the situation. You will never receive that type of Customer Service from any Telco vendor. I guarantee that.

Their product is untouchable. We are running 1 GBPS on fiber and never have any slowdowns or outages. Moving our existing phone system over was seamless with 0 downtime. Hunter has been very fast at responding to any question and resolving any concern in a timely manner. We are customers for life!
Kevin Potts, IT Manager


Hunter Communications offers a very reasonable price for the value they bring to our company for telephone and data services.  The phone administrator orientation is very thorough, and their in-house trainer came back on-site for a follow-up session, on request, free of charge.  We are happy to work with a local provider who demonstrates that they believe in partnership and are committed to quality customer care.
 BBSI logo
David Mathieu, Area Payroll Manager

Visiting Angels

"We had Hunter Communications come in and replace our previous internet and phone company. They have been consistent in their service and their technicians are very responsive and knowledgeable. When we recently moved to a new location, Hunter had us up and running even before we finish the move! That's the type of service that makes them a great company and a trusted business resource." 

Michael JamiesonVisiting Angels logo


Orchid Oakridge Clinic, P.C.

"We were very impressed with the level of service that Hunter provided. We established an account with Hunter to provide analog fax, VOIP phone, and 50Mbps internet to our healthcare services company. What could have been a disastrous transition as we switched these vital services over turned out to be a smooth and well coordinated effort by the Hunter team. Our phone number was ported over immediately and all nine of our phones were pre-programmed exactly as we described. Plus, professional voice recordings were supplied which sound great. 
Hunter communicated with us thoroughly throughout the phone transition and fiber optic installation process and we are happy to have partnered with a company that can be reached quickly by email or phone with technical questions. Hunter is certainly a big improvement in terms of quality of services provided, customer support, and price. Thank you!" 

OliverOrchid Oakridge logo


RHT Energy Solutions

"We have been with Hunter Communications since you first referred us to them in December of 2013. We have been absolutely thrilled with their service, both for our phones and internet.  They went beyond the call of duty to get us hooked up to the fiber-optics system, running the lines directly from their hub to our building.  Changing to Hunter's fiber-optic system allowed us to convert our phone system to VOIP, which in turn, enabled us to run more lines concurrently and with unbelievably clear audial functionality.    This all translates to us being able to run our company much more effectively, which ultimately increases our profits.  Fiber optic is able to transmit data much faster over greater distances than traditional phone lines or DSL.   Since it does not generate electricity, it is immune to all sorts of interference, meaning we rarely have interrupted service.  If there is the rare occasion when Hunter is working on the lines, we are notified and any upgrading that they do is done in the middle of the night when it does not affect us in the least.  

The most surprising part is that we pay less than we used to for far more superior service.  We highly recommend Hunter Communications!" 
RHT logo
Sherry Dowiot 


Three Rivers School District

"Without Hunter's innovation, [the District] would really have had very few options. Our students are now able to video conference with students who live in the Gaza strip, do a shared virtual field trip of watching one of our local optometrists dissect a cow eyeball while students follow along, and offer Advanced Placement classes in high schools where a teacher is needed." 

Debbie BrecknerThree Rivers Schools logo

Butler Automotive Group

"The Hunter fiber network is fast, reliable, and has greatly improved the way our business communicates, savings us time and money through smoother operation..."

Dave Lewallen,Butler Automotive logo

Boise Cascade

"The best thing about our fiber [connection] is that I don't have to think about it. It has been proven to be a fast, reliable, secure and maintenance free solution for our multiple site connectivity..."

Paul MattsonBoise Cascade logo


Project A

"Project A develops and hosts world-class ecommerce sites for our global clientele, all from the Rogue Valley. We depend on Hunter to deliver reliable, redundant high speed internet services to us so that we can service our clients and grow our business. We consider Hunter to be a strategic partner in our business. I highly recommend them based on being a customer since the company was founded and I am inspired by their growth and leadership in the state as they expand their service areas to include Klamath, Josephine and Lane counties." 

Jim Teece, President & CEOProject A logo

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